Pregnancy and Birth

Closely Spaced Pregnancies
A subsequent pregnancy that occurs before 16 months postpartum is defined as closely spaced. In 2016, the percentage of women with closely spaced pregnancies was 17.6%.

Closely Spaced Pregnancies By Ethnicity

Overall Birth Outcome Factors

A birth at less than 37 weeks gestation is defined as premature. In 2016, the percentage of WIC infants born prematurely in Los Angeles County was 6.9% and seems to be trending upwards since 2003.
A birth weight of less than 5 pounds 8 ounces (2,500 grams) is defined as low birth weight. The proportion of low weight births among WIC participants stayed fairly flat since 2003.

Birth Outcomes By Ethnicity

Rates for premature births and low birth weights are the highest among African-American infants however, we can see there is a slight decrease that has occurred.